soulsyrup meet-ups

Think of our meet ups like a safe space; where you talk about anything— the worry and the fears, the pain and the angst, the good news and the bad, or even, just talk. We hope, with your help, to create a space of shared existence, a space of witness —we always don't have to have all the answers.  A place like that breath of fresh air; to help you ease the grinds of existence. Here, we want to keep conversation going about long suppressed issues. It is free to attend and we welcome you regardless of what you identify with.


Photo credit: Henry uduku




We will be talking about anxiety, where it comes from, and why we don’t talk about it enough. We will drink coffee and eat cakes somewhere in the middle. Come around, bring someone, and let us explore this stranger we all know. 

the filtered life


Iluustration: Thandiwe Tshabala


What we crop out and filter through our social feed is more than just the ugly backgrounds, we filter our life and personality to partake in the social media culture. How is this affecting us in our everyday lives?

on depression


Photo: Henry Uduku


What is depression? How do we live with it? Why are more people getting depressed? Come around for an intimate evening as we explore this mental condition and how we can start getting the healing help we need. 


life and work


Who we marry and what we do are probably the most influential factors of our lives. Yet, for the most part we treat our work life like another bothersome hurdle of existence. Learn how to find work with meaning to match your life and talents. 

movie date


Gather around folks, it’s time to relax. SoulSyrup is inviting all of you for a trip to the movies where we would be watching TBA (gotcha). Would be nice to see everyone feasting on pop-corn and hopefully we wouldn’t have to throw any at the screen.

Art and sex


Photo: BWSP/Pintreset 

Ever wondered why it’s okay to watch Rambo, witnessing extreme violence from with your parents, but you have to cover your eyes for the kissing scene? Join the discussion on how the images we see affect the way we think.


for better or..


Photo: Twicsy / Pinterest

A commitment is a promise of dedication in an uncertain future. In our fast paced and ever changing culture, it appears now to only be a thing of convenience. Bring your partner or come alone as we investigate why we struggle with commitment and how to get better at it.

the tea party


Photo: SoulSyrup

Welcome to the annual SoulSyrup Tea Party where we laugh, drink and generally try not to get a caffeine overdose. We hope to see you all there looking beautiful as always with smiles to the moon and back. Tell a friend, bring your dog. All are welcome.

Me in the mirror 


Never mind ‘do I look fat in this?’ hair, skin colour, style. There is so much more to how the world sees us than just our body shapes. Join the discussion on learning how to see ourselves with better eyes?