Window: A Poem

Photo: Goddessofxanadu/flickr

Read by the author

If she could

She’d live on this window

For the rest of her life


Reading old books

And drinking all day

Wine water tea ribena

When the rain came

She would huddle up and watch

Counting the droplets as they formed

Like she counted the stars

When night had come

When it snowed

She’d write poems

Tracing the letters

With her finger on the glass

Maybe once inversed

For nosy strangers to get a read

Now and again

She would leave an S.O.S

Just to see if anyone would call

Some days

She would watch herself

In the darkened glass

She would watch her watching her

Watching life

She liked the shadowy reflection

And how it was beautifully translucent

It made her feel inside and outside at the same time

It was best at Christmas

When little lights painted the streets

Today she was sat

By the window

With soup and a cold


That she could hold on

Hold on to this time

Even if

For a moment

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