Human Condition



At one point in your life or the other,

You have asked this question, What am I here for ?

The older people tell you different things

But really they all mean one

You are here to grow, work, marry, reproduce, and die

they cry

You feel this cannot be all there is to life

I'd like to live and not just exist 

You claim on lonely nights

So you go on a search, you are obsessed with finding meaning

All this struggle cannot be for nothing

You sing

Different answers come at you from your searching

But these answers are never really what you're feeling

You dig deeper yet you find nothing

You can only rely on faith

Your brethren shout

No, you're meant enjoy your time on earth,

others aloud

You envy the ones who have it all figured out 

Maybe I should follow the crowd, things seem to work

You say in defeat

Many years later, you've figured out the trick to life

All search for life's true meaning forgotten

That child comes to you and asks, Hey Mr, what is life

Tongue-tied you shrug, the cycle all over begotten.