what is soulsyrup?

SoulSyrup is a self-care community focused on mental well-being and emotional balance. We hope you will find solace and comfort in our little pieces, and if you are around, we would love to have you at our regular meet –ups.


how regular are the meet-ups?

SoulSyrup meet-ups and hang-outs are held on the last Saturday of every month. There is NO charge for attending our meet-ups but you might have to buy your own coffee or wine at the venues. We hope to start these meetings on time, so try not to be late if you don’t want to miss out. More info here. 

What are your categories about- Self, Other, and Cookie jar?

The Self category contains nuggets of wisdom on how to live better with yourself and the Other category deals with how we relate to others. The Cookie Jar is a potpourri of sweet goodness hand crafted to nourish your soul (see what we did there?).


How do i join the community?

To become one of us, you will need the head of a T-Rex, a saber-tooth tiger’s tail, and a spoonful of unicorn blood. Just kidding. You don’t have to do anything to join this community but we would appreciate it if you registered for our newsletter here.

How can i help the community?

Your presence and sharing of the SoulSyrup goodness with friends and loved ones is great, but generous donations would be appreciated to keep the lights on and all the SoulSyrup minions fed. You can donate as little or as much as you like, though we suggest you go for the much :) Donate here.  

how can i get in touch?

Our preferred method of contact is via the Contact page, but you can also e-mail us on hello@soulsyrup.space. You can also join in on our conversation via one of our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook)