About soulsyrup


there is this little story around our becoming...

It all started with a nudge from experience and a place of being. We had been at a place we wished for a reach, an access to knowledge to getting out of the rut, to living better. It was even more disheartening that at such points, conversations around topics that brood our minds were almost unspoken.

There isn't a guarantee that living this life of ours is easy, but once in a while, everyone deserves a consolation, a beautiful melody or that gentle prod to keep going on. We need a space void of stigmatized labels. A space to be who we really are: Human. Humans that cry when their hearts are breaking, that don't have to have all the answers, that bask in the hope and sweetness of living.

We don't get enough of these prospects in Africa and so we started one: an African self-care community focused on mental well-being and emotional balance. 

and yes, tid-bits of fun.